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Looking to protect your boat and passengers while out on the water? Insuring your boat with our agency’s watercraft insurance can be easy.

Many South Carolina boaters may feel like they’re fine without insurance. However, despite the expertise many believe they have on the water, things can still happen out of nowhere. Watercraft insurance can be your ticket to fiscal protection whether it’s on the ocean or on a lake. If you want to protect your boat, your passengers and others, we’re the agency that can help.

At McKenna Agency, we understand the risks involved with being out on the water. While roads and highways pose a unique risk to cars and trucks, water can be just as dangerous. Regardless of how long you’ve been operating your vessel, it’s necessary to be prepared for the unexpected. For instance, if the swells suddenly pick up and you’re not ready for the increasing conditions, you may accidentally run aground and damage your hull.

If your boat becomes detached from its mooring, for example, it can cause damage to the dock or other boats. This is a common occurrence during storms and other bad weather and without boat insurance you may have to cover the cost of the damage to your boat in addition to any other damage you cause to other property.

At the McKenna Agency, Inc., we want South Carolina residents to know that getting watercraft insurance can be easy if you talk to the right people. We understand the need for boaters to find reliable insurance policies and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you.

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