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Business Owners Policies

If you’re looking for a simple coverage option that can touch all of the bases, look no further than our agency’s business owner’s policies for your commercial insurance needs.

While it’s common for companies to purchase separate policies for their coverage needs, small businesses can also purchase a package that includes a variety of options in the form of a business owner’s policy. At the McKenna Agency, Inc., we can help you find the BOPs that you need.

A business owner’s policy breaks down like this: instead of buying separate coverage for incidents such as property damage and general liability, you can package these options and more into one single policy. A BOP can benefit SC small businesses because unlike a large company, yours is probably not as susceptible to as many risks as a larger company.

A business owner’s policy can provide coverage for the following:

  • Property insurance
  • Business interruption coverage
  • General liability insurance

Business owner’s policies do not provide coverage for commercial auto insurance, worker’s compensation or health insurance.

At McKenna Agency, we want small businesses in SC, GA, TN, VA, MN and NC to learn more about acquiring a business owner’s policy. Instead of purchasing separate coverage policies, we can help you find a BOP that may benefit your business down the road. There are a variety of risks out there facing business owners on a daily basis, but by protecting your business’s well-being, you can leave all the worrying to us.

For more information on business owner’s policies, call us today at 843.795.0189 or fill out the form on this page.