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Commercial Auto Insurance

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Protecting commercial property is one thing, but what about commercial vehicles? Our agency’s commercial auto insurance policy can help.

Small businesses that operate with commercial vehicles and fleets are prone to more risks than other small businesses. Having commercial vehicles that travel short or long distances to perform work and deliver goods means that anything can happen on the road, so why risk it by not having reliable commercial auto insurance?

McKenna Agency, Inc. understands that SC companies which use commercial vehicles may run into unexpected issues on the road. Our commercial auto coverage is designed to provide protection to business vehicles and those who drive them when something happens. For instance, you may be involved in an accident and as a result, your vehicle is damaged, as well as other property.

Depending on the coverage that you select, a commercial auto insurance policy may help with incidents stemming from liability issues that may arise after an accident. An accident can occur with one of your fleet vehicles causing injury to another passenger or pedestrian. If you have selected the proper coverage, your commercial auto policy may help with legal costs and medical costs that may be applied to your business in this type of instance.

At the McKenna Agency Inc., we want to help small businesses in SC get the coverage they need for commercial vehicles and more. Anything can happen on the open roads and even when your drivers are being careful and attentive, accidents can still happen. Business owners in GA, TN, VA, MN and NC can reach out to us as well.

For more information, we ask you to call us at 843.795.0189 or fill out the form on this page.