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Umbrella Insurance

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McKenna Agency Inc. is here to help you protect your interests with a reliable umbrella insurance policy.

If you have auto, home and liability insurance, why would you need MORE coverage? This is a frequent question that individuals have. Our agents are here to provide you with answers.

Accidents happen. To be prepared for the unexpected, you must expect it before it hits you out of nowhere. Whether you are sued for negligence following a car accident or an individual is injured on your property, the incident may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In many cases, even a standard insurance policy will not cover the consequences. This is where umbrella insurance comes into play.

Umbrella insurance is designed to go above and beyond the standard auto and home insurance by providing additional liability insurance at a very reasonable price.

How do I know if I need an umbrella insurance policy?

More than likely, you are in need of a reliable umbrella insurance policy. If you have assets that exceed your insurance coverage, you may not be 100% protected and should consider purchasing umbrella insurance. However, our agency is here to help you get to the bottom of your needs. To find out for sure if you need this policy, follow these steps:

  • Add up your assets. Your assets should include: savings, your home’s value, stocks, bonds, retirement monies, 401k funds, etc.
  • Check your auto and home insurance policies for liability coverage limits. If you need help with this, do not hesitate to call us.
  • In the event that your current limits are NOT enough to cover all of your assets, an umbrella insurance policy may be necessary.

If you believe that an umbrella insurance policy is necessary, or are still looking for answers, please talk to one of our licensed insurance agents at the McKenna Agency Inc. We can help you decide how much more coverage you should obtain and provide you with an affordable quote.

Protect yourself and your resources from the unfortunate, today.

Please, do not wait to purchase this vital, protective policy. Our agents at the McKenna Agency Inc. are here to help you make sure your future is set. Please call 843.795.0189 or fill out the free quote form on this page to get started, today.